“Would you like to Supersize?”

You don’t hear McDonald’s employees asking this question anymore. That is because McDonalds discontinued the Supersize portion six years ago. Lately they have been under great pressure from health and children’s advocacy groups to alter the contents of their Happy Meals to reduce the overall calories and fat content of the meal. This started with the fries. They originally tried to remove the fries from the meal altogether; however, this led to major disappointment because people expect to get the McDonald’s fries when they go to McDonalds. In response to this, McDonalds began serving a smaller serving of fries in their Happy Meals. Starting in 2012, the portion of fries was reduced from 2.4 oz to 1.1 oz. Parents and children now also have the option of other healthy sides like apple slices, carrots, raisins, or oranges (depending on season and location).

The calories in the new Happy Meal are compared in this video from ABC News.

For more information on the next steps that McDonalds is taking to address nutrition, check out the 2012 McDonald's Progress Report.

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  1. Good to know. That seems like a step in the right direction.